Spring !!

Coming home after work.. Brrr...

Not that I had trouble riding in winter, but I was
looking forward to some warmth and sunshine.

East Holland from the air a few days before, taken by me from C172

After a record year (1998 was the wettest year this century in Holland) the first PCE ride was scheduled to take place on sunday the 14th of march which turned out to be one of the first sunny days in 1999. The clouds gave way for a beautifull blue sky and lots of sunshine.

sunny spring ride, finally

The ride took place in an area in the east of Holland called the "Achterhoek". The ride was a round trip along the several rivers in the area and also thru different parts in Germany.

Meeting at the Mac

A lot more PC's showed up than the last ride last year. Probably around 10 PC's and also a few other bikes appeared at the MacD near Arnhem.
As you can see the '90 model is very popular. Both '89 and '90 models have been imported in great numbers which explains the overrepresentation of them.

'90 Rules !

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready when we rode the riverdikes, but summer is only beginning. What's left are a few snapshots of the ride mainly to enjoy the beauty of the PC more than the scenery ; ). I'll try to capture more Dutch scenery next time.

Welcome to the Netherlands

Cooling down

After riding some river dikes, eating a few Dutch pancakes and riding some German hills we stopped at this terrace in Didam (I think..).

'90 RULES !

Showing off..

Dutch mountains...

Mine is the red one..

At the end of the ride we met at a snackbar in Arnhem. And yes, I haven't cleaned my PC in 6 months. It beats having it inside the barn all winter : ).


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