"The Flying Dutchman"


I've owned a Honda PC800 Pacific Coast. I named it "The Flying Dutchman". The PC800 has a "twin sparked", liquid cooled (fan equipped), 800cc OHC 45 V-twin with 3 valves per cylinder, hydraulic valve adjusters, hydraulic clutch, digital electronic ignition and shaft drive. This engine makes it a low maintenance, reliable and extremely smooth bike. Thanks to the low centre of gravity (fuel tank below seat) and perfect steering geometry it is highly manoeuvrable in the city yet very stable on the freeway. The bike is unique because of it's total plastic covering and built in trunk. Yes, a trunk. The entire back end flips up to reveil a generous amount of trunk space.

"The Flying Dutchman" was a '90 USA model, candy red. I bought it in Holland in '97 and came allready equiped with a Honda backrest, tall Honda windscreen and Honda-Kenwood AM/FM stereo with remote control on the left handlebar.



The first big trip I took with "The Flying Dutchman" was in May '98, to the Vosges mountains in France, near the border of Germany and Switzerland. It was a 5-day, organised group- ride. About 25 bikes in total. We rode individual or in small groups. I teamed up with 5 other guys, all eager to ride in a team, mainly for safety reasons (technical, fuel, french language etc.). The other bikes were two VFR's, a Yamaha XJ750 (not sure), a Beamer R1100RS and a Kawa ZXR. So all around 100hp bikes.
No problem for the PC, allthough it has only 48hp on the rearwheel. It's incredible manoeuvrability and high torque made it conquer the Vosges mountains with ease. The Vosges mountains is a very nice motorcycling area. We were there outside the vacation peak, so we had the roads to ourselves. around the mountain range it's mainly wine-country with nice, small, pitoresque French villages. But in the Vosges itself is where the real fun is. Nothing but the best corners, following each other in a rapid rate, all day long, thru a beautiful, stunning scenery. It seems like it never ends. I recommend it fully.

If you want ultimate satisfaction, go to Norway. Check out my trip report (button above).

The Flying Dutchman

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