1st International Norwegian Atlantic Coast Pacific Coast '99 Ralley
Participants: 2;
Arvid Løvik '89 PC800 "Scooter On Steriods" (guide)
Emile Nossin '90 PC800 "The Flying Dutchman"
Duration: 10 days
Distance for me total: +/- 4500 km / 3000 miles

"If I can offer you only one advice in life, Norway would be it...
It's stress relieving results have been proven by motorcyclists
Norway is one big meandering experience
Maybe you'll have sunshine, maybe you won't..
Maybe you'll have snow, maybe you won't..
but trust me on the twisties..
Get to know Norway, you never know when it'll be gone for good
Enjoy your motorcycle in every way you can, it's the best instrument you've ever owned

In the end of may I left for a 10 day trip to Norway with my PC800. The route I took followed the Atlantic Ocean / Northsea (same water, isn't it ?) via the Dutch, German, Danish and Norwegian coast to Ålgård near Sandnes. I would meet my host, Arvid there and ride the anual Moto Guzzi ralley there on Saturday. On Sunday we would both leave via his home in Stavanger to a cabin in Hemsedal as seen on the map:
route.gif (15580 bytes)

The first day (Thursday) to Norway started out very blue and very warm, a real summer day in spring, so far so good. To stick with the Atlantic Coast theme, I decided to take the route via the 30 km long Afsluitdijk crossing the IJsellake:
afsluitdijk.jpg (39952 bytes)

After 1000 kilometers I finally arrived at the ferry in Hirsthals in Denmark. Because it was a slow nightcrossing I was able to get a few hours of sleep to be ready for the last 250 km to the Moto Guzzi ralley site at Ålgård.
ferrynight.jpg (33605 bytes)

Tieing up the PC800 wasn't difficult. Keep it on the sidestand in first gear with the steering lock engaged and a single rope tied from the outer footpeg over the saddle to the railing. It didn't touch the tupperware and kept the bike solid as a rock. After waking up and rolling into Norway at Kristiansand I was greeted with blue skies and stunning scenery. Or at least I thought that was stunning, little did I know of the motorcycle paradise awaiting me.
ferrytie.jpg (33748 bytes)    impression.jpg (37703 bytes)

Around noon on friday I was able to meet my host Arvid and his '89 PC800 "SOS" (Scooter On Steriods):
host.jpg (57319 bytes)

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