Saturday, the day of the Moto Guzzi ralley, turned out to be a cloudy one.
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The route took us to the ferry for a long cruise thru the famous Lysefjord. The mountains there go as high as 800 meters at some points.Unfortunately the clouds were at 400 meters. On the next picture you can see Arvid on the left and Frank and Chris in similar jackets on the right. Frank, Chris and their little daughter Katelyn are English and live in Norway for 3 years, working for NATO.
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One of many waterfalls in the Lysefjord:
lysefoss.jpg (41155 bytes)

The 36 hairpin bends at the end of the Lysefjord on a clear day:
lysebotn.jpg (70081 bytes)

We got of the boat at the end of the Lysefjord and rode up the mountains via 36 hairpin bends, one of them lying within a tunnel ! But as you can see we ended up in the clouds, giving a very mystical atmosphere with all the white snowwalls on the side. You can also see Frank's ST1100 Pan European with "flex it" sidecar. The (Dutch made) sidecar leans with the motorcycle, so the motorcycle rides like a motorcycle, you don't notice the sidecar.
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fogfront.jpg (23610 bytes)

On the next picture you can see a twisty road climbing itself up on top of the biggest rockslide in Northern Europe, Gloppedalsura:
rockslidefar.jpg (46325 bytes)

Here you see the road on the left, paved on top and thru the rockslide:
rockslide.jpg (34888 bytes)

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