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This was my 4th pride, my '92 Honda ST1100 Pan European ABS/TCS. I named it "Eclipse", since I bought it a few days before the '99 Eclipse and picked it up a few days later. The describtion of an eclipse perfectly describes the experience of riding a ST; A once in a lifetime experience, it always lasts too short, it's breathtaking, it looks awesome and like good sex, all you can say afterwards is "aahh..".
Norway motorcycle trip pictures ('99)
Vosges motorcycle trip pictures ('99)
Luxemburg motorcycle trip pictures ('00)
Motorcycle tour de France ('00)
Pacific Coast trip pictures
Pacific Coast trip movies
This ST is equiped with tall MDI screen (+12.5cm), wind deflectors the mirrors and legfairing, a pair of BSM "future" exhausts , a Red Alert motorcycle alarm which includes running lights front and back and hazard lights, a Vista Cruise throttle lock and Hein Gericke heated grips, a throttlerocker and a 50 liter Givi Maxia case. It's color is a chique "aubergine", with black wheels. The black wheels give away the fact that it's a UK import, also meaning it has a speed indicator in statute miles. It has ABS/TCS (Antilock Braking and Traction Control System) to prevent both wheels from locking up when braking and to prevent the rear wheel from spinning.

The ST's powerplant is a 100hp, 111Nm, 16-Valve, liquid cooled, shaft drive equiped, 90 degree DOHC V-4 engine, producing a lot of smooth power. It's designed for high speed cruising (3800 RPM @ 120km/h / 75mph in 5th) and because of it's low CG (wopping 28 liter / 7.4 US Gallon fuel tank under buddy seat) it's also a great bike for climbing the Alps.

To see installation tips for installing heated grips in combination with a Vista Cruise throttle lock on a pre-'96 ST, click here.


cockpit with warning light display panel, click to enlarge

sleek.jpg (30651 bytes)
ST1100 Pan European ABS/TCS ST1100 Pan European ABS/TCS
Bore x Stroke
Compression Ratio
Max. Power Output
Max. Torque

Final Drive
Dimensions LxWxH
Seat Height
Ground Clearance
Fuel Capacity
Wheels Front/Rear
Tyres Front
Suspension Front

Brakes Front


Dry Weight
Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC 90 V-4
73 x 64.8mm
10 : 1
34.5mm CV-type x 4
100PS/7,500rpm (DIN) (74kW/7,500min-1)
11.3kg-m/6,000rpm (DIN) (111Nm/6,000min-1)
Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance and Traction Control System (TCS)
Enclosed shaft with integrated dampers
2,285 x 835 x 1,395mm (with 2x 35 liter panniers)
28 litres / 7.4 US gal / 6.1 Imp gal
Hollow-section triple-spoke cast aluminium
110/80 ZR18
160/70 ZR17
43mm air-assist fork with TRAC, 150mm axle travel
Single-side conventional damper with adjustable preload and rebound, 120mm axle travel
296mm dual discs with three-piston calipers, ABS and sintered metal pads
296mm single disc with three-piston caliper, ABS and sintered metal pads
293 kg / 646 lbs
Take off power set ! Rotate !

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